About Auto & Home Group Bundle Program

Asurea brings you access to the broadest voluntary benefits you can find in one place. Consider adding Auto & Home Group* Insurance option to enhance your benefits program and offer more benefit choices to your employees. The Auto & Home Group Insurance program provides qualified employees with access to the personal lines of property and casualty insurance the need with enticing group savings. Group auto insurance ensures you’re doing your business effectively, legally, and safely whenever any one of your employees takes the road. With our group auto insurance plans, large scale businesses have complete peace of mind.

Auto insurance is a necessity in all American states, and this means your drivers will need to be insured no matter where they’re traveling for your business. Group auto insurance may be used to keep your drivers both legal and protected no matter where they may be driving. Whether they’re going across town, or across the country, your group auto insurance coverage has them covered.

Group auto insurance includes full coverage plans that take care of any situation that may befall your drivers while on the road. By covering your vehicles, drivers, passengers, and others on the road, your group auto insurance ensures you’re not found to be driving illegally or held responsible to pay for damages out of pocket. Group auto insurance plans may be customized to suit your individual needs, and our group auto insurance program is supported by knowledgeable insurance agents to walk you through your plan.

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