Our Public Employee Program Specialties

What is the Public Employee Program?

Asurea’s Public Employee Retirement Program is your Simple Solution when it comes to planning your secure financial future. For public employees, retirement doesn’t need to be a point of stress or confusion, and our program makes it simple. 403b retirement plans, retirement income savings, 401k roll-overs, tax-free retirement supplementation, and public employee pension support are available to ensure your retirement experience is a positive one.

Our public employee retirement program options allow you to choose the plan or plans that are best for you beyond your pension max. Tax-free retirement supplementation with 403b retirement plans give you retirement on your own terms without paying tax until you withdraw. 401k rollovers ensure you don’t lose what you’ve already saved. Your public employee pension may not be enough to live the retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted, and our retirement for public employee programs ensure you have just what you need.

We believe in the goal of maximum protection – the belief of a sound financial future with public employee retirement programs you can rely on.

Our PEP Asurea representatives have been serving law enforcement and corrections professionals for over a decade. We have over 80 years of combined experience and currently serve over 6500 clients in 7 states. Endorsed by the American Jail Association as part of their member benefits for retirement planning, We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service while providing the industries best financial and insurance products.

Public Employee Program Specialties

Pension Max - Representatives analyze your pension’s survivor benefits to see if there may be a more cost effective way to protect your spouse.

Tax-Free Retirement Supplementation - retirement plans that will supplement your pension with tax-free income dollars to protect you from future tax increases.

Retirement Income Savings - With rising costs and inflation looming on the horizon, it is important to supplement your pension

457/401(k) Roll-overs - Protect the hard earned dollars inside your 401(K) and 457 plans from market risk while still having the ability to participate in market-like gains.

403(b) Retirement Plans - Asurea focuses on the retirement needs for certain employees of public schools and some tax-exempt organizations requiring 403b retirement plans.

Debt Free plan - From mortgage payments to student debt, auto loans, credit cards and medical debts, the journey to achieving the American dream can leave many of us saddled with debt.

Officially endorsed by the American Jail Association.
Proudly servicing corrections and all public safety personnel. Asurea is part of AJA’s Member Benefits.

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