Answering Your Medicare Questions

Answering Your Medicare Questions

Medicare is a necessity for most Americans over the age of 65, or those with disabilities. This federally funded program provides healthcare to the most vulnerable in Roseville, CA, allowing those who need it the ability to receive medical care for their best possible quality of life. Original Medicare is comprised of two parts – part A and part B. Part A covers hospital services, skilled nursing facility care, hospice, and some home healthcare services. Part B covers medical services, including preventative care, doctor’s office visits, lab testing, medical equipment, and vaccinations.


When looking at Medicare parts A and B, one may notice that some things aren’t included. There’s no vision care, dental care, prescription coverage, coverage during travel, or other coverages included in the base Medicare parts A and B policies. To bridge these gaps are Medigap insurance plans, or supplemental insurance plans that cover these areas that Medicare parts A and B do not.


Questions Surrounding Medicare And Medicare Supplement Plans


There are a number of questions that surround Medicare and Medicare supplement plans. Some of these questions answered include:


  • Am I qualified to receive Medicare supplement insurance? – Many aren’t quite sure if they’re qualified to receive Medicare supplement insurance in Roseville, CA. Anyone who is covered by both Medicare parts A and B are qualified to seek out Medicare supplement insurance coverages as well.


  • When is enrollment? – Medicare enrollment typically happens automatically once a person reaches 65, but Medicare supplement insurance plans in Roseville, CA aren’t automatic. Open enrollment for Medicare supplement insurance begins when you enroll in Medicare parts A and B, and it remains open for a six month period.


  • What about my prescriptions? – Medicare supplement insurance is made to bridge the gaps in Medicare parts A and B, but other Medicare supplement policies may be purchased to cover prescription costs (Medicare part D) or vision and dental care. Medicare supplement insurance will cover the deductibles and out of pocket expenses one is still required to pay after their Medicare parts A and B coverages.


  • Will Medicare supplement insurance impact the doctors I am able to see? – If your doctors are covered by Medicare parts A and B, your doctors will remain covered by your Medicare supplement insurance. This supplemental insurance does not impact the professionals you are able to see, and you will not need to change your medical professional team.



Making Healthcare More Affordable


The deductibles and out of pocket costs associated with Medicare parts A and B can be unaffordable for many under the program. With Medicare supplement insurance, taking care of your health becomes more affordable. Finding the right Medicare supplement insurance to fit your needs is important, and your lifestyle should be considered when shopping for the perfect coverage. Our insurance agents are here to help you to navigate the Medicare supplement insurance market, and ensure you get the policy that fits your lifestyle and needs best. If you’re interested in learning more about Medicare supplement insurance in Roseville, CA contact us at

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