Your Workers Compensation Insurance Questions Answered

Your Workers Compensation Insurance Questions Answered

Workers compensation insurance in Roseville, CA isn’t just a good idea, it’s the law. All businesses that have at least 1 non owner employee must provide their staff with workers compensation insurance in the event their employees are injured or fall ill due to their work on the job. For business owners both large and small in Roseville, CA, there’s a lot of questions that surround workers compensation insurance, what it does, why you need it, and how it can be used.


If a business fails to provide workers compensation insurance, they could be held completely responsible for any injuries or illnesses their employees suffer on the job. While workers compensation insurance is an investment for Roseville, CA businesses, it’s a much more affordable investment than paying off potentially massive lawsuits. Medical costs after a serious work related injury can climb into the thousands quickly, and in some cases even much higher.


Answering Workers Compensation Questions


Answering workers compensation questions helps to demystify coverage and shows you just how important workers compensation insurance in the region really is. Your top workers compensation insurance questions answered are:


  • What is workers compensation? – Workers compensation protects both the business and the employee from financial loss in the event of a work related illness or injury. Work related injuries can be devastating, and damages from these injuries can financially cripple businesses quickly without coverage.


  • What does workers compensation insurance cover? – Workers compensation insurance covers medical expenses, lost wages, costs of ongoing care, and funeral expenses if necessary after a workplace related injury or illness. This ensures that employees and their families are taken care of from the top down as they recover from any incident.


  • What isn’t covered by workers compensation insurance? – While workers compensation insurance covers quite a bit, there are also some situations that are not covered. Injuries received due to a work related fight, injuries stemming from intoxication on the job, intentional injuries or injuries due to recklessness, or emotional injuries not tied to physical trauma are not covered by a workers compensation policy.


  • Who pays for it? – While employees may have a benefits package that they pay into, workers compensation insurance is the responsibility of the business. Businesses are responsible for paying premiums and other policy related costs, and they are to handle any workers compensation claims.


  • How are claims filed? – Workers compensation claims should be filed as soon as possible after an injury occurs. Managers will need to collect company information, information about the accident, and the details of the injured employee in order to file a workers compensation claim.


Protecting Your Business And Your Employees


Workers compensation insurance sets out to deliver protection for your business and the employees that work for you. To ensure you’ve found the right policy for your business and your employees, check with a professional agent to see you through the insurance coverage process. If you’re looking for workers compensation insurance for your business, call us at today.

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