Final Expense Insurance: Who needs it?

Final Expense Insurance:  Who needs it?

If you’re retired,  you’ve long understood that enjoying your golden years with peace of mind requires providing for your future.  We at Asurea offer you our hearty congratulations!  Retirement is truly a lifetime achievement, and you earned it!  

Retirement ISN'T the Finish Line!

But, as big of an accomplishment as it is, attending the retirement party isn’t your finish line.   You’re not quite done yet… You’ve still got the final touches to put on your financial obligations.  

When you stepped away from your job, you most likely left your employer-provided life insurance behind as well.  If you’re in the majority of retirees, the life insurance you held privately was likely Term Life.  And if it hasn’t run its course yet, it soon will. 

Not Wealthy?  Then Mind the Gap...

Now, that’s fine if you have a sizable nest egg to pass down to the next generation.  But if you’re like most retirees, you’re on a well-minded budget and you concentrate on stretching it to last your lifetime rather than tending it for your adult children and grandchildren.  That leaves a significant gap when it comes to your end-of-life expenses.  Funerals and memorial services now average between $7,000 and $12,000 according to LHLIC Consumer Resources.

Add to that the medical expenses you’re likely to accrue toward the end, and you’re passing  a significant debt down to your adult children at a time when they have their own expenses to manage.   At a time when they should be grieving, they’ll also be struggling to meet the financial burden of paying for your legacy of debt.

Solution to Legacy Debt? Final Expense Insurance!

But there is a solution.  And it comes in the simple form of Final Expense Insurance. 

When you die, Final Expense Insurance frees your spouse and/or kids from your financial burdens, allowing them to grieve rather than struggle with the weight of your debts. 

Final Expense; Who Needs It?

In short, if the following describes you, then FINAL EXPENSE Insurance is the solution you and your family need.

- You’re retired.

- You DON’T have life insurance, (company-provided or individual.)

- You DON’T have a significant nest egg to pass down.

- You want to protect your loved ones from financial burden when you pass away.

Free your loved ones to grieve when the time comes, rather than struggle to pay  the debts you leave behind.

Contact Asurea to protect your family today, tomorrow, and beyond.



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