Planning A Funeral With Cremation

Planning A Funeral With Cremation

In today’s modern age, funerals with cremation are becoming more popular than the traditional burial. For those looking into burial insurance and making their final plans, there’s a number of reasons why this option may appear more attractive than going the traditional burial route. A Roseville, CA funeral with cremation can include a celebration of life before or after the cremation occurs, and it’s often times considerably less expensive than going the traditional route. The median price of a funeral with cremation is just a little over $6,000, while a traditional funeral and burial is typically more in the $10,000 to $20,000 range.


With burial insurance, you have the power to take care of your own final wishes long before they are ever required. This allows you peace of mind that your final celebration of life will be exactly what you want, and that your loved ones won’t be burdened with the cost or planning themselves. As they grieve, they can focus solely on their grieving, knowing that your celebration has been taken care of by you.


Why A Funeral With Cremation?


There are a number of reasons, aside from cost, that one may opt for a funeral with cremation while planning their final wishes. A few of these reasons include:


  • Ability to distribute ashes – When you opt for a funeral with cremation, you’re given the unique opportunity to give pieces of yourself to your loved ones. Your loved ones can keep you close, and know that you’re with them always for long after you’re gone. Ashes may be distributed into urns and kept in sacred places in the homes of your friends and family.


  • Ability to travel – When you choose a traditional burial, your resting place is final. There is no easy way to move your final resting place, and it may not be a place you feel particularly connected to. With a cremation, you can request to have your ashes scattered in the places that meant a great deal to you in life. Your favorite fishing spot, a vacation destination you love, or a hiking trail you spent all your best days enjoying. You may have your ashes scattered in one location in the Roseville, CA area, or in various locations.


  • Saves on monument and burial costs – With a traditional burial, you’ll need to consider a monument marker, a burial plot, and burial costs. This can tack on a great deal of money to your budget. If you’re planning your final expense budget as part of your burial insurance, opting for a funeral with cremation may be the more affordable option.



The Planning You Need For Peace Of Mind


With burial insurance you can rely on, you can focus on your planning with complete peace of mind. You have your budget, your wishes, and your control over your final wishes and how you want these wishes to be carried out in Roseville, CA. If you’re looking for burial insurance for your own peace of mind, contact us at today.

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