Imagine Yourself Totally Debt-Free (Including Your Mortgage) in 9 Years or Less!

Imagine Yourself Totally Debt-Free (Including Your Mortgage) in 9 Years or Less!

How would your life change if you could eliminate ALL debt INCLUDING your MORTGAGE, in NINE YEARS or less without spending any additional money?  

Living in Service to Our Debts...

Asurea recognizes that pursuing the American dream, more often than not these days, puts people in debt every step of the way.  Consider student loans, for example.  College weighs us down with skyrocketing student loan debts that have already reached astronomical levels.   Home ownership causes debt to mushroom.  The typical mortgage, alone, indentures us for 30 years.  Add to that car loans, credit cards and medical costs, and we soon find ourselves living to service our debts.  

Debt Jeopardizes Retirement.

By retirement age, a huge part of our lifetime earned income has been devoured by INTEREST on our debts!  This, in turn, cripples our retirement savings.   Increasingly, debt postpones, and even destroys altogether, the prospect of retiring at all.  

Rewrite Your Financial Story!

Imagine this… What if you could eliminate all your debt, including your mortgage, in 9 years or less without spending any additional money? 

Debt Free Life Builds Your Own Bank!

At NO ADDITIONAL MONTHLY CHARGE, Asurea’s Debt Free Life program allows you to escape the debt trap and reshape your financial future.  On average, participants are totally free from debt to lenders in 9 years or less. They save tens of thousands in interest. Debt Free Life creates a financial vehicle in which participants can BORROW from THEMSELVES rather than lenders, thereby saving exponentially on interest. 

Create a Tax-Free Retirement.

Without spending any additional money, Debt Free Life uses the cash value component of  permanent life insurance to pay off your debts, and then build your retirement wealth.   While giving you financial freedom, it enables you to create a wealth legacy for your family, and build a tax-favored retirement income. 

How to Get Started...

All it takes to start Debt Free Life is the guts to get educated about your financial position, see how you’re tracking towards your retirement goals, and how Debt Free Life is the tool to your financial freedom. 

Make your wealth goals a reality by calling Asurea today!




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