Sometimes Medical Coverage Needs All The Help It Can Get

Sometimes Medical Coverage Needs All The Help It Can Get

People living here in Roseville, CA have always had concerns about proper healthcare coverage. America is one of the few first-world nations lacking a sprawling, comprehensive healthcare plan, so we need to be more careful here. Unfortunately, that care is now being put to a serious test thanks to the COVID-19 virus.

This isn’t just an illness covering a few states of the USA, it is an officially designated global pandemic, and it is affecting everyone around the world. For people here Roseville, CA, it’s meant some major changes to the way we live. Children are at home, many who are employed have been advised to work from home if possible while others have lost their jobs entirely. On top of all this, if someone does get sick and requires medical attention, the costs can be overwhelming.

The Challenge

Even with medical insurance, sometimes the expenses associated with medical care can be both surprising and daunting. Co-pay on medication, for example, can still be quite significant, especially if the prescription for the drug is expensive, to begin with.

When it comes to actual medical care, conventional insurance wisdom dictates that better insurance premiums are available if customers choose a higher deductible. That is, the amount they pay upfront, out of pocket, before insurance steps in to provide financial assistance. However, some deductibles can be extremely high and may be challenging—or even unaffordable—before insurance ever provides help.

Medicare Supplements Can Help

Also known as “Medigap,” Medicare supplements act as the “bridge” between unaffordable deductibles and co-pay, and the point when medical insurance finally “activates” and intervenes to help cover costs. Private health insurance can be inflexible or not provide enough coverage for the areas that a family has specific concerns.

With Medicare Supplements, these gaps can be filled in. Medicare supplements often not only allow people to retain their current doctor or clinic, but they also expand the options for others to consult with while still enjoying the coverage. For prescriptions, Medicare supplements can often go directly to the source, providing discounts on brand name medications from the manufacturers themselves.

Get More Support For Your Needs

With a pandemic spread throughout the nation, everyone is now at a higher risk of needing medical attention. The elderly, in particular, are more vulnerable to COVID-19 related complications that can result in severe hospitalization and, in the worst cases, death. Unfortunately, getting that care isn’t free, and even with medical insurance, the costs can sometimes be challenging to pay for. We live in a time and a place where a simple emergency call and a need for an ambulance can sometimes financially wipe out family savings.

If you live in Roseville, CA, and are concerned you or other family members being able to get medical attention or prescriptions required during this challenging time, we can help. Contact, and discuss your medical needs. Medicare Supplements can help people to cope with high deductible costs, or help with more savings on life-saving medications that need to be taken on a regular or even permanent basis.

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