Asurea Over the '10's Decade

Asurea Over the '10's Decade

By Marnina Delahanty As we step into the new decade, we at Asurea thought this would be a good time to reflect on the decade that’s drawing to a close, and how we progressed as a company over the years.  

Core Values Hold Steady

While a lot of things changed, our core values as a company hold steady.  In our every action, Asurea’s guiding principle is to secure our customers and their families, protect them in the event of disaster, and lay the groundwork for financial success. With that as our guidepost, we navigate insurance solutions to find the best fit for our customers’ specific needs.   Ten years ago we were located in a worn down wooden office building from the 1970’s on the outskirts of Roseville, California.  Asurea’s business concept at the time was entirely Wholesale, with remote agents conference calling in, and often never meeting. Our market was singularly focused on Mortgage Protection.

Headquarters Upgrade

Moving to our current central Roseville, California location, we shifted our headquarters to a bright, open building with modern-day luxuries such as outlets!  It was a much more modern and open concept that was the largest space in the building, and it felt good to stretch our wings. And as we did so, we expanded our markets to include Final Expense, Retirement Programs, Social Security Optimization, Debt Resolution, Medicare, First Responders’ Program, Corrections and Public Safety Programs, and, most recently, Employee Benefits.  

Dual Headquarters Structure

We recently executed our dual headquarters structure.   We were continuing to grow as a company and expanded new departments to a corporate office in Reno, Nevada.  This allows us to expand into a growing market and expand our corporate office, while minimizing costs in more expensive regions.  Nationwide, we now have 14 brick and mortar locations with agents serving a far wider range of clientele in a broader variety of sectors.   But throughout all the changes, we at Asurea have stayed true to our mission to help clients reach their goals, protect their families, and build financial security.  We can help you, too. So, call us to secure your family’s future! 916-888-1807, or 800-689-5490 x121  

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