Asurea's New Employee Process During COVID19

Asurea's New Employee Process During COVID19


Whether you’re considering a career with Asurea, or you just got the job, you probably have a lot of questions. Here's what to expect in your new position.

Are new employee orientations available during COVID-19?

Yes. Employee orientations are still being conducted with our Asurea Agent Training Program. Each new employee will directly train with an Area or Regional manager. However, if any training is to be conducted in any office setting, all Federal COVID-19 social distancing guidelines will be followed. If a candidate does not feel comfortable with this process, they should contact their hiring manager for further instructions.

What part of the country does Asurea service?

Aurea offers services across the United States. From heavily populated metropolitan areas to very remote parts of our nation. We provide one-of-a-kind services, which takes us right into our client’s homes. This gives us a real competitive edge allowing us to help each family we meet with.

How do new insurance agents gain new qualified clients?

Lead generation strategies: Why spend 90% of your time prospecting when our leads put you in front of qualified individuals and families that need and want our products. Because we own the entire lead generation process -- from data research to mailing and distribution, you can count on the integrity of your leads.

As a new agent, how will I learn the insurance industry?

You’ll use Asurea’s tested business methods and marketing expertise to take a great deal of the uncertainty and the risk out of running an insurance business. You’ll benefit, first-hand, from using the Asurea brand. At Asurea, we distinguish between products (what companies make,) and brands (what people choose and buy.)

Is training provided by Asurea?

Absolutely! We have proven personal selling techniques to improve sales force productivity. With our selling systems, agents are on a fast track to earning a fantastic income. We have it all: webinars and teleseminars, on-demand audio and video training, local and regional seminars, scripts and experienced sales managers who develop top agents in the insurance industry.

What makes Asurea different from other insurance organizations and what products does Asurea offer?

We provide a wide range of insurance products from over 80+ top-rated insurance carriers, rather than be confined to just a few or even one like most of our competitors. In addition to being the top Mortgage Protection Insurance and Final Expense Insurance brokerage company in the nation, we also have a full range of life and annuity products which include: Term, UL, EIUL, Disability, Critical Illness, Annuity, EIA, SPIA, LTC, Medicare, Group Benefits and more! We can tailor programs to our clients' needs. We won’t be priced out of a sale because we have access to all top-quality products at affordable rates.

As an Asurea insurance agent, will I work with a team or will I be on my own?

Asurea offers two successful proven agent programs. First, we believe in team guidance and teamwork, which results in more sales and builds client retention and relationships. You’ll be part of a unique program that represents a partnering of insurance professionals. You and your team will work together to succeed! Secondly, we offer a remote agent opportunity that still allows for the team support outside of an office.

What type of business support is provided for Asurea Agents?

From our lead generation departments to our case management and marketing departments, all backend office administrative support that Asurea provides is a dynamic and dedicated system. This ultimately reduces our agents’ stress levels and enables them to focus on what they do best…sell, and protect America’s families.

What is Asurea doing to stay ahead of the insurance trends?

Asurea is advancing in proprietary technology where no other Life Insurance organization has been able to. We are in the finishing stages and have started implementing technology platforms, which allow better support in aiding our agents in bringing solutions to America’s families and provide additional support to our clients. These systems provide lasting impressions and opportunities to connect and make a difference in their lives.

Whether you’re preparing to apply, or just starting your Asurea career, you’re on the right track. Asurea is a solid choice, especially as COVID-19 changes the world. Welcome!



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