Disabled, Puppy and Pigeon Inspire Human Kindness!

Disabled, Puppy and Pigeon Inspire Human Kindness!

By Marnina Delahanty

Asurea Values Human Kindness

Simply put, Asurea values human kindness.  So, when we learned about this cross-species friendship, we just had to share!  Lundy the Chihuahua and Herman the Pigeon are special-needs residents of New York no-kill shelter, The Mia Foundation.  Lundy’s hind quarters are partially paralyzed, and Herman’s neurological condition renders him flightless. When organization founder Sue Rogers had Herman out of his playpen while she tended to Lundy, she never imagined the two would bond.  Sue immediately recognized it was love at first sight as they began to cuddle! “They looked so adorable I snapped a few photos,” Sue told CBS News. “They really seem to like each other.”

Special Freindship Goes Viral!

Sue’s pics really captured the mismatched pair’s special friendship.  Before she knew it, the story went viral, and people around the world were charmed.  Donors flocked to the Mia Foundation’s website, and much-needed contributions began to pour in.  Within 3 days $6,000 filled the foundation’s coffers. These funds will be put to good use, sponsoring urgently needed surgeries and veterinary costs, as well as general overhead such as animal feed that cover the basics in the disabled pet rescue operation.

A Pigeon, a Chihuahua, and Human Kindness

In these divisive times, Asurea invites you to see the magic of connection.  Under the hopeful spell of Lundy and Herman’s unusual story, people from all walks of life stepped out from behind the barriers that separate them. A moment of human kindness was born where we least expected it.  If a pigeon and a puppy can buddy up, imagine what we human beings could achieve if we set aside our assumptions about each other, and instead reach out to the person within.  For a company with you in mind and heart, call Asurea today. 916-888-1807 800-689-5490 x121

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