The Kobe Effect: We Unite in Tragedy

The Kobe Effect:  We Unite in Tragedy

By Marnina Delahanty Southern Californian communities are a key part of Asurea.  So the tragic deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant really got our attention.  With thriving offices in North Los Angeles, Riverside, the South Coast, and San Diego, we saw a huge regional impact from Kobe’s loss.  It soon became clear that this impact reached far further than just the basketball world. And it wasn’t limited to the sports world, either.  Kobe played such a major role in the region that those struggling with his loss transcend race, age, interests, socio-economics, and religion.  And his loss affects people far from his beloved Sothern California, as we see in tributes across the country and throughout the world.

Makeshift Memorials Pay Tribute EVERYWHERE!

The very afternoon of the helicopter crash that killed all nine passengers aboard, roadside memorials began to pop up.  The Staples Center memorial quickly grew into an anchoring gathering place for mourners.  Through this common tribute in the Hispanic community, Latinos showed how much Kobe meant to them. Memorials drew together and comforted people from all races and walks of life. Kobe didn’t just marry into the Latino community through his widow, Vannessa.  He got involved, and he spoke Spanish in public addresses. The community, in turn, embraced him and his family, a support system that holds, maybe even stronger, after his passing.

Together We Stand

In these divisive times, we can use all the unity we can get.  In this sense, Kobe is giving back even after his passing. His youth basketball league, Mamba Sports Academy, will also continue to serve the region’s diverse communities, benefiting generations to come. One of the legacies Kobe left us was interconnectedness.   His loss brings us together in grief.  Asurea joins its Southern California communities  to honor the Braynt family. May we all move forward inspired to reach the impossible, both independently and united, just as Kobe did.

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