Where Would They Be Without You?

Where Would They Be Without You?

By Marnina Delahanty Asurea understands the stress you’re under in these strange COVID-19 times.  That said, it’s time to ask the hard questions, and follow through with protecting our families.  Together, we can do this!

Old Sayings Still Hold True!

Let's look at some timeless sayings in the life insurance industry that hold true under this strange test of time.

“It’s not getting any cheaper.”

The best time to get life insurance is right now.  You’re not getting any younger, and life insurance rates increase with age.  So follow through, already!

"When you need it, it's too late to get it.”

Waiting to get life insurance until you’re sick and can easily imagine your family using it is no strategy at all.  You see, the sickness that gives you the wakeup call to finally follow through with getting life insurance, is the same sickness that could result in your policy getting denied altogether.  Waiting could spell disaster for your family. We see it all the time; those who wait until they need life insurance often miss out altogether.

Employer-Provided LIfe Insurance Is NOT Enough!

Whether or not you’re laid off, employer-provided life insurance is not enough.  Let’s explore why. As millions of Americans’ jobs evaporated overnight due to COVID19 through no fault of their own, they’ll soon find out that continued life insurance coverage from their former employer is NOT the best choice.  Even in states where insurance companies are required to offer laid-off workers continued coverage if they make payments themselves, often premiums are unmanageable. Formerly employer-sponsored life insurance rates can skyrocket for a number of reasons.   In some places they’re no longer at group rates, and switch to higher individual rates. And everywhere, what was once an employer-paid portion now becomes the full burden of the laid-off employee, just as they’ve lost their income.  In addition, very often this end-cost is higher than an altogether new policy customized to meet the family’s individual needs. Further, in most instances these new policies’ rates continue to climb as the insured person ages.  These rate hikes can climb every year, or every few years. But whatever schedule rates are recalibrated at, they soon become unreasonable.  What once seemed easiest, now becomes an unmanageable payment.

Secure Your Family Now with Asurea!

Asurea understands your stress in these surreal COVID19 times.  We’re committed to productive messaging, and aim to ease your anxiety with useful information.  Call us now to protect your family with life insurance you can count on! Asurea: 916-888-1807 800-689-5490 x121

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