Your Medicare Summary

Your Medicare Summary

By Marnina Delahanty

With Medicare Open Enrollment ending on Saturday, 12/07/19, we at Asurea think this is the perfect time for a Medicare Summary.  We hope this helps to simplify the complexities and relieve your anxieties with useful information.  Now, let's dive in!

Medicare Part A

Think of Part A as the most basic plan, without any bells or whistles.  While everyone eligible for Medicare receives time-limited inpatient hospital coverage at no expense through Medicare Part A, seniors can easily exceed its time and facility limitations.  Read on, because you may find the solution in Parts B, C, and D!

Medicare Part B

For an added fee, Part B covers medically necessary preventive services, ambulance services, durable medical equipment, and outpatient coverage. In addition to its monthly premium, seniors are required to pay 20% for doctor visits and other outpatient services. 

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plan)

The gaps left by Medicare Parts A and B can be offset by the addition of a carefully chosen Advantage Plan, also known as Part C.  Federal law requires these private insurance plans to cover everything that Parts A and B cover, and some plans pay for services that original Medicare does not, including dental and vision care, and, often, prescription drugs.   Choosing a plan with broad in-network provider options is crucial to keeping costs down by avoiding out-of-network providers.

Medicare Part D

Think,"D" is for "drug," and you've got this one pegged.  Prescription drug coverage, alone, is addressed by Part D.  Depending on regional availability, some Part C plans may include prescription coverage in their bundles.   Asurea hopes our Medicare Summary expands your Medicare understanding.  The deadline to register is Saturday, 12/07/19. Partnering with a Medicare specialist is more crucial now than ever before.   So, don't wait to get yourself covered! Call Asurea for your Medicare Specialist:      800-689-5490 x121     or      916-888-1807  

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