Social Security Decisions: Don't Get Overwhelmed...

Social Security Decisions:  Don't Get Overwhelmed...

We at Asurea understand how overwhelming your decisions about Social Security can seem.  After all, what could be more important?  And it’s not simple. At Asurea we have an entire branch dedicated to education. When it comes to Social Security benefits, our National Social Security Advisors are on standby for your unique situation.    

What’s an NSAA, and How Can they Help?

National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) Certificate holders are more than just well-trained sources of Social Security knowledge. They are ethical financial practitioners who always adhere to the highest levels of professional conduct.

Asurea’s National Social Security Advisors help our clients navigate Social Security.  Their jobs are to: 

  • Get your Social Security questions answered.
  • Help map out your Social Security options.
  • Strategize Social Security choices optimized to YOUR  INDIVIDUAL situations.  

So, instead of guessing and crossing your fingers, base your Social Security selections on a complete assessment, and algorithms that calculate the ideal time and filing strategy to get the most amount of lifetime income from Social Security. 

What You Can Expect From Asurea:

When you meet with our certificated National Social Security Advisors, you’ll probably have a number of questions.  Educating you, and answering your questions is your NSSA’s primary job, so ask away!  And they’ll have questions for you, too.   Based on your input, your NSSA will return with your options including actual dollar quotes.     

How better could you make your Social Security decisions than FULLY INFORMED?

Asurea; protecting your wealth for generations to come.

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