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In North Carolina, it’s not politics that cause family feuds around the Thanksgiving table. It’s your affinity with the “wrong” kind of barbecue that lands you in the woodshed. Ignorance about barbecue can make you practically an outcast down here. First of all, for any Yankees out there, “barbecue” isn’t a verb. It’s a noun. It’s the sauce that causes the controversy. Those that hail from the western half of the state want their barbecue slathered in sweet tomato-y goodness, while those from the east prefer a more tart, vinegar-and-red-pepper based version.
At Asurea North Carolina offices, we cook up customized insurance policies to protect your family. No matter if you’re from the east or the west of the Old North State, we want to be there for you when things go south. With 80 insurance carriers at our fingertips, we can find just the right policy for you.
We can’t rescue you when you make a faux pas and call the city center “downtown,” when everyone knows it’s called “uptown,” or worse yet—use “barbecue” as a verb, but our Asurea team can find you an affordable policy that can rescue you from financial stress if the unthinkable happens. Now that’s what we call a recipe—a recipe for peace of mind. 

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