Eliminate debt and build wealth
without spending any additional money.

Debt Free Life

Debt Free Life Success Stories

Luke + Gia

Debt Free in 7.8 years

Over $2,229,020 projected for retirement
Debts eliminated with Debt Free Life

Mortgage  - $305,235
Auto Loan - $33,439
RV Loan     - $57,873
Total            - $396,547

Additional money spent each month $0

Mary + Rob

Debt Free in 9 years

Over $2,080,000 projected for retirement
Debts eliminated with Debt Free Life

Mortgage             - $376,318
Auto Loan            - $18,928
Credit Cards        - $31,309
Medical/Dental   - $376,318
Furniture              - $18,928
Total                       - $432,207

Additional money spent each month $0

Debt Free Life FAQs

  1. What is Debt Free Life? Debt Free Life is an innovative use of an established, reliable, and well-respected insurance vehicle. Without Spending any additional money, Debt Free Life uses the cash value component of permanent life insurance to pay off your debts, and then build your retirement wealth. While giving you financial freedom, it enables you to create a wealth legacy for your family, and build a tax-favored retirement income. Without spending any more money than you do now, you can achieve financial freedom through Debt Free Life. This turnkey insurance solution eliminates your debt faster than you ever thought possible, and builds your savings. And, should the worst happen, Debt Free Life provides for your family through its traditional life insurance component.
  2. What are Debt Free Life’s Advantages? Imagine the relief of being totally debt free, and having complete financial freedom. Through the Debt Free Life system, you will pay off all your debt in 9 years or less, and build the retirement savings you deserve. Asurea’s unique Debt Free Life program drastically reduces the interest you pay to lenders, decreases taxes and creates a tax-favored retirement income.
  3. Can I afford Debt Free Life? Yes! Without spending any extra money than you do now, Debt Free Life jumpstarts your financial goals, eliminates your debts, and builds your retirement savings. The question is not can you afford this program, rather, can you afford to delay getting started?
  4. When should I start the Debt Free Life program? As soon as possible! The earlier you begin your journey to financial freedom, the greater results you will see. An Asurea agent is on standby to help you. So, let’s get started!

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