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The City of Oakland is the largest of the 74 cities that make up California’s East Bay region — and it’s the third largest city in the state. The East Bay’s pride and joy are its local sports teams, including the NBA Championship-winning Golden State Warriors. Locals are just as proud and protective of their Oakland Athletics baseball team. The East Bay is the connecting area between California's tech giant Silicon Valley and the historic San Francisco Bay. This office proudly services the entire Bay Area.

Our Asurea East Bay office knows a thing or two about working as a team to protect you and your loved ones. With access to more than 40 life insurance carriers, we put together winning policies that block the unexpected curve balls that life may toss your way. We know life’s sudden hardships can hit you harder than your favorite team losing by a point or two. So, give our Asurea East Bay team a call today, and we’ll win the game of financial security together!

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