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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers represent buyers in insurance transactions. Their job is to survey the market, get quotes, and share options for customers to choose from.

An insurance broker (individual or entity) solicits, sells, or negotiates insurance contracts to individuals or businesses. Insurance brokers typically help individuals or businesses find and purchase life insurance, mortgage insurance, car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, annuities, retirement plans, final expense insurance, workers compensation, Medicare supplements, public employee plans and group home & auto insurance bundles.

Asurea Insurance agents represent over 80 carriers. They act as sales representatives for insurers. Insurance brokers represent buyers. Brokers study the market, get quotes, and share options for clients to choose from, which Asurea has been doing since 1991.

Insurance agents work with the insurance companies they represent. This means that agents can initiate insurance contracts, or secure coverage, on behalf of insurance companies, and the companies must honor those contracts. Insurance brokers submit applications to insurance companies on behalf of their clients, but do not have the authority to enforce or write coverage. Both agents and brokers are paid commissions or fees by insurance companies.

Your personal preferences and unique needs will help you decide whether you need to use an agent or broker to purchase insurance. Some reasons you might use a broker include:

Brokers do all the research for you, finding insurance companies and policies that fit each clients needs and budget.

Brokers can provide selections to policies from numerous insurance companies and can offer you multiple options with different price points.

By comparing multiple quotes, the goal is to find the same or better coverage at a lower cost.

Brokers are licensed and educated professionals who provide the advice you need to make the best choice.

An insurance broker can most likely provide for all of your insurance needs—from life insurance, mortgage insurance, car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, annuities, retirement plans, final expense insurance, workers compensation, Medicare supplements, public employee plans and group home and auto insurance bundles.

Both agents and brokers are paid commissions on the policies they sell. Sometimes brokers charge an additional administrative fee, but this will be disclosed to you. Brokers can research the market to find a variety of options at different price points from which you can choose. Who do insurance brokers work for?

Insurance brokers work for their customers, whether they are individuals or businesses. They research the market for best options, share those options with their clients, and help them apply for and purchase coverage from insurance companies.

Brokers often provide additional services, such as helping clients assess risks, providing general insurance consultation, providing regulatory and legislative information, providing claims assistance, and even helping employees enroll in health plans and resolve employee benefits issues.

State insurance departments regulate the activities of insurance brokers. Each state has its own set of insurance regulations that brokers must follow. Asurea provides insurance options to American’s across the nation. Our goal is to protect and educate America’s families.

How can I find top insurance brokers in my area?

Finding an insurance broker is important and should not be taken lightly. You don’t want to entrust the protection of your family or business to just anyone. So how do you find a broker you can trust? Here are some tips for finding a top broker in your area: Recommendations from friends and family, online reviews and testimonials (Yelp, LinkedIn, other social media), your state insurance department, through a broker such as Asurea.

A local Asurea broker can help you analyze your risks and recommend the coverage you need to protect your family and your business. An Asurea broker will survey the market, find suitable options, and help you make an educated choice.

Asurea Solutions

Mortgage Protection Life Insurance is coverage that will pay all or part of your monthly mortgage payment if you become disabled or pass away. It provides the peace of mind that your family or loved ones might not have to take on the added financial burden of a monthly mortgage payment should your financial situation change due to your injury or death.

Permanent life insurance is a combination of a cash value account (you can borrow from it) and a life insurance plan. Your permanent life insurance builds cash value over time, which is available to you while you are still alive, and it also offers a tax-free death benefit to your family when you pass. Let Asurea show you how Permanent Life Insurance can benefit you financially today and in the future.

Annuities are often referred to as personal retirement planning plans. Retirement planning should be simplified, and that’s just what our annuities do for you.

Annuities means you receive a fixed, guaranteed income, for life. You get the benefit of a high and prosperous market, while being protected in times where the market becomes a bit more unpredictable. Rather than a volatile market giving your retirement income a hit, you’re protected, while you still enjoy the benefit of market prosperity. You don’t need to allow the market to determine where you are in your retirement income planning.

A 403(b) plan is a retirement plan established for the benefit of employees of public schools and certain tax-exempt organizations. These plans accept payroll-deducted contributions for participant-directed investing and are intended to help the employees meet long-term objectives, such as generating retirement income.

Also know as ‘Medigap’. Is a Medicare Supplement Insurance that helps fill "gaps" in Original Medicare and is sold by private insurance companies. Original Medicare pays for much, but not all, of the cost for covered health care services and supplies. A Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy can help pay some of the remaining health care costs, like:





Workers compensation insurance goes by many names – workers comp, workplace injury compensation, and workplace compensation.

Workers compensation coverage takes care of all relevant expenses after an employee has suffered an injury or illness due to conditions on the job. Workers compensation insurance will cover your employees’ medical costs until they’re well enough to return to work. Without workers compensation coverage, it would be the responsibility of the employer to cover these damages; a cost that can rise into the tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Our public employee retirement program options allow you to choose the plan or plans that are best for you beyond your pension max. Tax-free retirement supplementation with 403b retirement plans give you retirement on your own terms without paying tax until you withdraw. 401k rollovers ensure you don’t lose what you’ve already saved. Your public employee pension may not be enough to live the retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted, and our retirement for public employee programs ensure you have just what you need.

We are a group of independent insurance and retirement specialists, specializing in public employee retirement plans for the corrections and public safety community. These public employee retirement plans make the action of planning for retirement simple and straight-forward. With public employee retirement plan security, public employees can look forward to the time they retire knowing that they’re prepared with all they’ll need on top of their public employee pension.

*Employers or associations with 200 or more employees. Census required.

With auto group insurance and group home insurance, those with vehicles on the road or tenants in your properties can rest assured that you’re protected should the worst occur. Our group home insurance plans can be explained in detail by your knowledgeable and experienced insurance provider agent.

Auto insurance is a necessity in all American states, and this means your drivers will need to be insured no matter where they’re traveling for your business. Group auto insurance may be used to keep your drivers both legal and protected no matter where they may be driving. Whether they’re going across town, or across the country, your group auto insurance coverage has them covered.

Group auto insurance includes full coverage plans that take care of any situation that may befall your drivers while on the road. By covering your vehicles, drivers, passengers, and others on the road, your group auto insurance ensures you’re not found to be driving illegally or held responsible to pay for damages out of pocket. Group auto insurance plans may be customized to suit your individual needs, and our group auto insurance program is supported by knowledgeable insurance agents to walk you through your plan.

Along with group auto insurance, we also offer group home insurance for landlords and owners of multiple properties. For rental dwellings, group home insurance takes care of groups of properties so landlords know that their properties and their tenants are well taken care of. Like auto group insurance, dwellings must be covered to be in accordance with the law in many states, and our group home insurance plans ensure you’re kept operating legally. Group home insurance can be structured to fit your individual needs, and home group insurance plans are kept accessible and affordable.

Debt Free Life

Debt Free Life is an innovative use of an established, reliable, and well-respected insurance vehicle. Without Spending any additional money, Debt Free Life uses the cash value component of permanent life insurance to pay off your debts, and then build your retirement wealth. While giving you financial freedom, it enables you to create a wealth legacy for your family, and build a tax-favored retirement income.

Without spending any more money than you do now, you can achieve financial freedom through Debt Free Life. This turnkey insurance solution eliminates your debt faster than you ever thought possible, and builds your savings. And, should the worst happen, Debt Free Life provides for your family through its traditional life insurance component.

Imagine the relief of being totally debt free, and having complete financial freedom. Through the Debt Free Life system, you will pay off all your debt in 9 years or less, and build the retirement savings you deserve. Asurea’s unique Debt Free Life program drastically reduces the interest you pay to lenders, decreases taxes and creates a tax-favored retirement income.

Yes! Without spending any extra money than you do now, Debt Free Life jumpstarts your financial goals, eliminates your debts, and builds your retirement savings. The question is not can you afford this program, rather, can you afford to delay getting started?

As soon as possible! The earlier you begin your journey to financial freedom, the greater results you will see. An Asurea agent is on standby to help you. So, let’s get started!
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