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In the middle of a small disaster in your life, you’ve probably uttered the famous line, “Houston, we have a problem,” from the 1995 film Apollo 13. At Asurea Houston, we know the feeling. It’s no fun when life catches you off guard. That’s why we’re big on helping you find solutions to some of life’s sudden emergencies. And with access to more than 40 life insurance carriers, that’s not a difficult mission for us to accomplish.

With a new policy that fits your needs and budget, you can have the peace of mind that escaped the real Apollo 13 crew on that near fateful day of April 13, 1970. Instead, you can enjoy a day exploring Space Center Houston at 1601 NASA Parkway. Our Asurea Houston office sits 40 minutes northwest of mission control in a suburb called Sugar Land. But we promise to take you seriously if you call us and say, “Sugar Land, we have a problem.”

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